SnapLock® Gutter System—Why It's Better!



What Is SnapLock?

The SnapLock Gutter System doesn’t use any fasteners through the gutter itself. A hanging strip is installed under the drip edge of the roofline, with hangers that snap onto this strip. The gutter is then snapped securely into place and held up by the hangers, which keeps the gutter itself completely intact and preventing any water penetration behind it. The hangers hold the gutter securely, while allowing it to flex when the weather starts to change. This helps prevent expansion and contraction problems while allowing air to circulate between the metal gutter and the wood fascia.

5 Top Benefits of SnapLock
1.Strongest Mounting System in the Industry
Product Testing, Inc. performed an independent test of SnapLock and found that its load capacity was 11.3 times greater than that of 5” gutters, and 7.6 times greater than that of 6” gutters, at full capacity. These tests prove that SnapLock will not only handle the weight of a gutter FULL of water, but will also take on the heavy loads of ice and snow.

2.Lifetime Guarantee
The SnapLock Gutter System is guaranteed not to sag or droop for the lifetime of the home. This guarantee transfers with the home, and unlike most competitors “small print” on their warranty, there is NO disqualifying method or cost to transfer the warranty. This is the strongest warranty in the business.

3.No Holes = No Leaks!
If it’s not a SnapLock, it’s not permanent! Today’s standard gutter designs employ spikes, screws, or nails to attach to your home, just as they did 100 years ago. Average house gutters have 75+ holes punctured in the back wall of the gutter, which cause leaks! Long-term effects result in structural failure because of rot, mold and gutter separation.

SnapLock allows the gutters to move freely. This can be crucial when attaching metal to any structure, due to the different rates of expansion from temperature change.

The SnapLock system can save homeowners a lot of money over time. While gutters themselves are sturdy, it’s not uncommon to quickly see rotting fascia boards. With SnapLock, this worry is eliminated, making the gutter system far more permanent. The price of new gutters is justified when you know that you chose the best: long-lasting, high-quality, cost-effective SnapLock gutters that will stand the test of time.

Read on to find out if the SnapLock Gutter System is right for you!