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Spring is on the horizon and that means a lot of outdoor chores for homeowners! One of the most important—but often overlooked—tasks is checking gutters for debris and damage that may have occurred during the fall and winter months. If your gutter system is functioning properly, it protects your home from water damage by draining

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Proud Member of the Southwest Montana Building Association

At Montana Gutter Solutions, we are proud to be affiliated with Southwest Montana Building Industry Association (SWMBIA). When selecting a gutter provider or subcontractor for your construction needs, please consider the following: THE CORNERSTONE OF OUR BUSINESS IS PROFESSIONAL, ON-TIME INSTALLATION OF YOUR GUTTERS. Installation when YOU NEED IT—at an affordable, competitive price. SWMBIA members

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How Helmet Heat® Works with Gutter Helmet®

Helmet Heat melts the snow and ice before it can form into damaging mounds of snow and ice weighing down on your roof and gutters. With Helmet Heat, snow melts before it hits the edge of your roof, and flows down your rain gutters and downspouts. Damaging snow and ice buildup is averted. Benefits of

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Helmet Heat® Ice Reduction System & Installation

The Helmet Heat Ice Reduction System should only be installed by trained and certified Gutter Helmet dealer like Gutter Solutions. Different hardware and configuration options are available for Helmet Heat, so talk to us about the best setup for your home and for the weather conditions typical of your area. Planning the Circuits A certified

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Why Are Ice Dams Forming on my Roof?

ICE DAMS: Several quick fixes but only one cure. An ice dam is a hump of ice that forms at the edge of a roof under certain winter conditions. It can damage both your roof and the inside of your home. It will put gutters and downspouts at risk, too. HOW DO ICE DAMS FORM?

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Helmet Heat®

No More Frozen Gutters! Icicles may be nice to look at during Montana winters, BUT the weight of ice can pull traditional gutters away from your home—even completely off! This can lead to high repair or replacement costs. Moreover, icy build-up can turn your walkway and stairs into a treacherous sheet of ice—putting you, your

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SnapLock® Gutter System—Why It’s Better!

  What Is SnapLock? The SnapLock Gutter System doesn’t use any fasteners through the gutter itself. A hanging strip is installed under the drip edge of the roofline, with hangers that snap onto this strip. The gutter is then snapped securely into place and held up by the hangers, which keeps the gutter itself completely

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How SnapLock® Works & How It’s Installed

  The installation system does not leave holes in the gutter itself. Traditionally, nails or screws used to attach the gutter to the roof are driven directly through the gutters. This is done to provide extra support to keep the gutter in the correct position, tight against the roof. The problem is that wherever you

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How SnapLock® Began

Lifetime Warranty >We became frustrated with rain-gutter attachment systems that began to show signs of drooping, sagging, and falling away from homes after a few short years. Many times, this was caused by expansion and contraction issues, plus weak and leaky attachment systems. When we found SnapLock ten years ago, we knew it would solve

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Gutter Guards… Why You Need Them!